The Network — Stepping In and Stepping Up

The CU*Answers culture includes maintaining and cultivating a pool of leaders who are prepared to step in to a new role or step up to a more extensive role. It’s a promise that we make to ourselves, our owner-clients, and the marketplace about how we will bake leadership development and succession planning concepts into everything we do. As part of that promise, several programs and websites have been created to hone leadership skills.
This is about more than the upcoming CEO Succession event in 2022 — it’s about constantly looking forward.

Study Guide

A site to collect and consider interview questions for not just the CEO position, but for Executive and management roles as well. Add questions or comment on others’ questions.

Leadership Development Series:
Coaching with the CEO

An accompanying site to the collection of live classroom conversations between CEO Randy Karnes and anyone wanting to explore leadership positions at CU*Answers and elsewhere.

The Video Archive

Video clips with a wide variety of sources, events, lengths, and time periods from our current and future leadership roster.

Core Skills Series

An accompanying site to a series of live classroom conversations aimed to define and hone the skills of current and future leaders. Features videos of EC interviews concerning various leadership topics.